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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Weepuls Are Back In Town

Strange days here in the life of NPW. A mid-week update for you:

1. The magazine drive here at school is in full effect which can only mean one thing: weepul madness. Do you remember these things? I have vague memories of competing for them back in '92 when I was in middle school, but the fervor they inspire in these children to sell, sell, sell is a bit alarming. (Although I did find myself getting excited when one of my volunteers smuggled me the punk pig weepul yesterday and the penguin in a tuxedo weepul today. Anyone interested in buying a magazine from me?)

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2. My crazy French class starts this afternoon. Since I could already use a nap, I'm hoping this "Madame" (as she calls herself) is at the very least entertaining enough that I don't have to sit there doodling "je veux dormir maintenant" over and over again like I did in high school. Maybe she'll let me sing La Marseillaise for everyone at the end?

3. Two long weekends coming up, just filled with things to do. Top of the list: Deerfield Fair. Second on that list: more Deerfield Fair. There will be some other fall events thrown in, but the fair? Seriously. Don't front. Tractor pulls + caramel apples = love.

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4. I haven't been feeling quite myself lately. This could be caused by any number of possibilities; the change in temperature, the sniffly allergies, the disappointing doctor's visits, the readjustment to waking up before daybreak, or the newness of having Chris here. I've also found that I've been working hard to make sure Chris is feeling settled and happy, which is something I haven't had to do previously. He seems to be doing great, though, so I'm thankful for that. He's so easy-going and patient and optimistic, it'd be hard to go wrong. He definitely gets x's and o's all around.

So that's it for another episdode of Writing Down the Details of Your Life. See you tomorrow for some Thursday fun.


Anonymous michael rocks hardcore!

i took a french class last year, boy am i bad at the languages. Though i am happy to say i could actually read your sentence en fran├žais!

I'm glad the class is over, but i need to bush up as me and the mrs. are planning a month long trip to paris next year.


11:05 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

Update: French class

When they said Beginner's, they meant it. Mike- if you bring me along for your month in Paris I will do all your translating. Just something to consider.

6:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous rocks hardcore!

Weepuls. Magazine drives. Oh my God, it's all coming back to me now. I would do anything for a weepul. They're like Scooby snacks, or crack cocaine. I remember in 6th grade I sold enough magazines to get a CD. What did I select? Dave Matthews Band "Under the Table and Dreaming" ou "Sur la Table et Rever". Puke.

11:21 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

Friday afternoon I heard blaring techno music coming from the cafeteria. When I peeked in, they were having some kind of weepul rave. Tomorrow is "Dress Like Your Favorite Weepul" Day. And someone stole my mystery weepul right off my desk.

Frightening, I know.

8:52 AM


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