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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Can I Curse Blogger While Using It?

Sometimes, Blogger really pisses me off. And by sometimes, I mean every other day, at least. But up until this point I've simply been too lazy to create my own website and transfer all this over, so I'm stuck with the ridiculousness of a website that includes the word "blogspot" in it. Does that word make anyone else feel icky?

Anyway, while I love that Google = free, it definitely has its issues. Yesterday (and quite possibly the day before, too) there was a problem with the comments section. As in, no one could leave them. And while it's been fixed, for now, it still leaves a lot to be desired. I managed to weed out most of the spam comments by adding a word verification system, which is annoying in itself, but still some manage to creep in. Now I can't write a post about bingo night without BINGOLOVR351 leaving a hundred comments like "youre site good design$(*. love binnngo, try our for free money and sex". Grr.

Thankfully, my darling readers left comments late last night and today, so I wouldn't feel neglected. But I think the time is drawing near when I will have to wave goodbye to the ol' blogspot and usher in a new era of domain name ownership. Any suggestions on format, etc. will be considered and much appreciated.


Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!

If you're looking for a hosting/domain thing, mine is pretty cheap. It's run by like, I don't know, pagans or witches or something (it turns out the person who recommended it to me is a Secret Pagan), but it's hella affordable. Have a look at; mine's the $10/mo plan, with $15 annually for the domain name. (I'm guessing is available.) Bonus: I installed my current blog software (Wordpress, which I love) automatically through my site's control panel. If you want more info on it, let me know.

Also: every time I say blogspot, I want to add an extra "l": blogsplot.

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