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Thursday, September 21, 2006

There's Something In The Air

Ahem. Yes. So. Remember last year when I mentioned all the mold and mildew creeping about this library? And remember how I was sick, like, 12 times last year? Well, I was pretty convinced by the end of the year that the latter was due to the former. Then today I get word from the principal: the reason the 35 year old orange carpeting has never been replaced is because underneath it is a generous layer of asbestos tile. Yes, he nods, the rug is certainly harboring a veritable colony of moldy bacteria, but which is the lesser of two evils, really?

His solution: a dehumidifier in the summer months.

Hmmm. Ok. Just one question, though- will a dehumidifier stop the asbestos fibers that cause cancer and serious illness from being inhaled into my sensitive lungs? I thought not. I guess I'll have to suck it up and deal with the constant sneezing and runny nose.

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Quick survey: Is this man

A. Collecting valuable moon rocks to sell on eBay,

B. Vacuuming the asbestos tile so that it's squeaky clean,

C. Thinking of setting that hose on "spray", thus releasing toxic asbestos fibers into the air, all because he is an evil scientist bent on starting the first apocalypse (as evidenced by the angry-eyebrowed face on his suit),

or D. Trying to figure out how he can get that hose inside his suit without tearing it, so that he can vacuum-seal himself in?


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