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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What the Fluff?

Little known fact: Fluff was invented right here in Massachusetts, in the lovely village of Somerville, Union Square. Yep, you know it- we New Englanders love our fake marshmallow product a whole lot. So much, in fact, that next Saturday (the 30th), is What The Fluff? Day in Union.

According to the website, there will be science fair Fluff projects, baking contests, taste tests, and even a special guest appearance by the "Flufferettes". Exactly who or what the Flufferettes are, I don't know- but I'm sure as hell not going to miss it! I figure it will be paying homage to the meal I had every single day of high school: Fluffernutter, apple, can of Sprite. The epitome of health.

The famous Durkee and Mower still have not released the actual recipe for marshmallow Fluff to date; although they are required to list the ingredients, the process of creating it remains quite secret (they're like the Willy Wonkas of Fluff... only, they definitely don't have that cool elevator and a waterfall of Fluff might be a bit of an overkill). They do, however, mention that Fluff is both gluten-free and kosher. Yum! I can't wait to have me a belly full of sugar, egg whites, and vanilla.

Also, if you have a spare minute or ten, check out this page for some scary ass Fluff cartoons that you can print and color. Enjoy!


Anonymous Lex rocks hardcore!

Ummmmm I think we MIGHT have to come down for this one...the Deerfield Fair can wait!! Or maybe we will go Friday night....decisions!!

8:10 AM

Blogger Kirsten rocks hardcore!

I'm still not too sure that I could stomach it again... However I am willing to rub it all over my face for submission in the scrapbook.

8:10 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

Mmm... Fluff. How can you not like it? It's like a melted marshmallow on your sandwich. Or on your face.

11:05 AM

Blogger Sassy Sundry rocks hardcore!

What the Fluff was very fun. In the spirit of friendship, I've been taking Fluff with me in my travels for the last two years. I have pictures of Fluff in England, France, Italy, and various cities in the US. I still can't believe that some bozo in the statehouse wanted to ban it.

9:43 PM


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