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Monday, September 18, 2006

Gimme Some of that Gooshy Stuff

Big news this week: The Boy is moving out here! Approximate ETA: Wednesday afternoon, possibly earlier.

When I get home from work he will (hopefully) be all settled in my lovely apartment, ready to become just another Massachusetts resident. Seriously, I can't wait for his cute-as-hell face to be here already so I can get my daily dose of hugs in. The weekend was spent in preparations- finally made it down to Ikea so that my man will have someplace to actually put his stuff, got my hair did, had a key made, grocery shopped my ass off at Trader Joe's, cleaned, paid my ridiculous bills, and even found time to make it to a football BBQ up in Methuen. I've gots mad prioritizing skillz... and you know this.

Hopefully the next day or two pass quickly. You know how time always seems to slow when you're excitedly anticipating something? Well, I have a plan in place to help me out; it's even got three steps. Wanna hear it? Too bad, I'm telling you anyway! Ok, immediate plan: steal a cup of coffee and some candy corn (!) from the woman in the office next to mine. Later: get coffee from the Bucks, head to pilates to wear myself out. Tomorrow: slug it out here in school, run to Harvard for an appointment, run back to my place, play some Mario Kart and breathe a big sigh of relief that The Boy will be here v. v. soon. Because damn, I miss him.

But for now, back to whooping it up here in the library. Happy Monday, ladies and gents. Enjoy the week... I know I will!


Anonymous michael rocks hardcore!

please, please, please keep making up nicknames for chris. I plan to use all of them next time i talk to him. Oh and punch him in the arm and tell him he is a wuss for leaving rochester. Just cause it's boring, and stupid (and cold) doesn't mean you should leave...

Oh, and nice to meet you!

3:51 PM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

Oh, you mean Sweet Cheeks? I'll tell him you sent him a punch in the arm for deserting the Roch, but seriously, don't you all wish you could defect, too?

And it's v. nice to meet you. Sort of, online.

3:16 PM


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