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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Still Catching Up

Holy Moses. I've been busier these past two weeks than the last two months of school last year. Still, I find time for my dear friends (and randoms) who have time to read this little life excerpt- I know how you need your entertainment on those long days of workdom. I feel like I need to catch up with you all via these posts; I had good intentions this summer but didn't get around to posting as often as I should have. Yesterday was my 200th post, and still it seems I have stuff to say. I know, I'm as surprised as you are that I didn't give up months ago.

What's going down:

This morning I almost had a teacher burn down the school by leaving the poster laminating machine on. Fortunately, my keen sense of smell alerted me to the choking, acrid odor of burning plastic. Crisis averted; chalk another one up for the librarian.

I had almost forgotten that I signed up for a Beginner's French class here in the district at the end of last year (for grad credit, of course). So it gave me a good laugh and a half when I got the reminder in my email today. Considering I'm already fluent, maybe I should bring some French novels I never got around to in college and read them during class? Or would that be too show-offy? Maybe it'll be good... I can brush up? Or maybe it'll be the most boring thing I've ever decided to do. Whatevs, it's free credit. Free.

Scheduled delivery date for the new library fish mascots: Monday a.m. The kids have not stopped pestering me about having another fish-naming contest- I need to remember to post the pictures of last year's fishies (Puff Daddy and Puff Patty) being released into the wilds of the Atlantic. One enchanting child asked this morning what we'd be keeping in the currently empty fish tank. "Birds," replied the health teacher.

I somehow got guilt-tripped into doing intramural football today after school, even though I have another meeting from 3:30-5:30. It's two-hand touch, which basically means grab-each-other's-shirts-and-pull-until-the-other-kid-falls-on-his-head touch. Last year we had kids showing up in flip flops, so this year I've laid down a blanket ban on sandal wearing during football. I also banned crocs, but that's purely aesthetic- those things are hideous. Come to think of it, teachers should also be banned from wearing them. I put up with the Birkenstocks and denim jumpers and appliqued sweaters, how much should one girl be expected to take?

Best get back to my cataloging. Anyone know of a good call number for the Birth of a Dark Ninja manga books?


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