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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Absolute Zero

I've got nothing for you today, people. No, seriously. I don't even know where my head's at, so there'll be nothing of interest to read here. Go on, get. Why are you still reading this? You're that bored? Fine, whatever. Do what you want, but I'm not promising anything.

Ok, so I might have a couple things I could discuss with you. For instance, I could give you a list of reasons on why I am banning senior citizens from my library, or why segways should not be allowed to zoom around on the sidewalks, or why I've felt like busting up a Starbucks lately, or a few profound pontifications on why the Deerfield Fair trumps all other fairs.

But I don't want to and I'm not going to. And you can't make me.

So that's it. I'm done. Check back in tomorrow- there may be something exciting waiting for you. If you're lucky. Now vamoose.


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