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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Welcome, 2006. We've Been Waiting For You.

Welcome to the new year! I know it's early yet, but so far 2006 has been shiny. I'm all moved into my new place, I have friends all around, I don't have to drive 25 miles to the nearest Starbucks, we have free cable and internet (for now). Life is good. Very good.

Of course, there are some things I still need to vent about, which is the beauty of a blog. And who wants to read about how lovely my life is? You people want to read about misery. At my expense. So you can feel better about yourself. Fine! Some complaints:

1. My new place does not have one drawer. I mean it. Not one. Not even for silverware.
2. Every single one of my friends had a snow day today but me. Not that I want to be here all summer, but still, disappointing.
3. An old man substitute came in to demand my help with a VCR. While I was trying to connect the cables he randomly pulled out, he slammed the TV into my fingers. Fun.
4. The fish in the fish tank are giganticum and hideous beyond belief, much larger and uglier than normal fish should be. This only confirms my radiation leak theory. I mean, how could they grow so much in one vacation week?! Worrisome indeed.
5. As co-founder of the IHB Club, I have been planning a girl's wine&cheese&vent night, as well as a housewarming party, so I've been kept plenty busy. Which is actually good, as it distracts me from my hating of boys in general.


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