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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Rockin' Playlists

I'm sure I should be busy getting stuff done for the big move tomorrow, but instead I have built a playlist for our "I Hate Boys Club". This is volume 1, with others to come, I'm sure. The goal of our club is actually not a bitter one in that we only hate boys and not men. Unfortunately, we have met relatively few actual men- that is, men who behave like men and not children, so there is a lot to discuss about the ridiculousness of boys in general. We have a fairly broad agenda, as you can imagine.

One wise friend of mine (also a member of the IHBC) has come up with a theory: boys do not know what they want in any way. They might think they do. They might profess feelings that indicate they know what they want. But in reality they just do what they feel like until something confuses them, then they drag you down into their mess right along with them. They can't simply figure things out on their own, they must also ruin anything good that they can along the way.

In any case, I feel that the IHBC vol. 1 compilation album is a satisfying melange of angry girl rock, alt fury, and a smattering of lamenting "why do boys suck so bad?" ballads. Feel free to make yourself such a playlist, making any appropriate modifications to fit your current mood.

Recipe to rock your socks off:

Not The Doctor 3:47 Alanis Morissette
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight 4:46 The Postal Service
You're No Rock N' Roll Fun 2:37 Sleater-Kinney
The Old Apartment 3:22 Barenaked Ladies
The Denial Twist 2:37 The White Stripes
What's My Age Again? 2:29 Blink-182
Erase/Rewind 3:38 The Cardigans
Shameless 4:52 Ani DiFranco
Least Complicated 4:11 Indigo Girls
The Sound Of Settling 2:12 Death Cab For Cutie
You're the Reason I'm Leaving 2:21 Franz Ferdinand
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 4:20 Green Day
You Keep It All In 2:54 The Beautiful South
Mr. Brightside 3:43 The Killers
Numb 4:00 Portishead
Portions For Foxes 4:44 Rilo Kiley
Chocolate 3:11 Snow Patrol
Terrible Lie 4:38 Nine Inch Nails
That's Just What You Are 4:25 Aimee Mann


Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!

I just want to point out that at least seven of those songs come from mix CDs that I've made you. Which means:

1. I have awesome taste (as we know) and;

2. I must hate boys, too.

Happy New Year, goof.

4:11 PM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

You give yourself waaaaay too much cred. Do you think I was musically bereft before I met you? I will give you two of those songs, no more.

9:25 AM


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