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Friday, December 23, 2005

My Debut Performance

Although we did not get a mechanical bull for our Faculty Holiday Party this year, we did manage to have some fun. This is largely due to the fact that our guitar class was "hired" to play some holiday music. Our first gig! I knew I was destined to be a rock star.

Not only did I rock the electric bass in a rousing rendition of Jingle Bells, but I also played some mad percussion for Feliz Navidad. The crowd of teachers went wild, singing along and clapping. We got a standing O. I must admit, a tear sprung to my eye, despite the fact that I was blushing like crazy. "Wow", the teachers commented afterwards, "we didn't think you'd be so good. We just wanted to laugh at you."

Well, colleagues, you underestimated my mad music skills. See that it doesn't happen again.


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