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Monday, December 19, 2005

A Rant With No Rave

Without going into the details of my sad-sack life, I think at this point I am allowed to say that this is officially the worst holiday season of my short life. Basically, it would take a Christmas miracle for me to muster up any red-and-green-type cheer this year. Or at least a break from this chest-crushing cough I've developed and kept for well over two weeks now.

On the brighter side, I did have another snow day last Friday, which allowed me to stay cocooned in my blankets for most of the daylight hours (and all of the dark ones), thus effectively sealing my fate as the official least-prepared-for-Christmas-person alive. I did get up for long enough on Sunday to brave Wal*Marts crowds in search of curling ribbon (at the request of my mother), and the mullets and bickering I encountered were enough to send me straight back to bed. I also managed to whip up a batch of my spiced pecans for my volunteers, hopefully the seniors will be able to chew them.

Maybe this is one of those times I'm supposed to encourage my readers to telepathically send me wishes for a wonderful 25th- you know, like when Santa needs Christmas cheer for his sleigh to work? But really I'd rather you just send me wishes that I get an iPod on the 25th. So don't waste your wishes on Ms. Grinch.


Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!

I won't even bother trying to send any Christmas cheer your way. I have a feeling it will only piss you off.

Instead, I say may Santa fulfill all your wildest iPod fantasies, and I offer you an open invite to come by any time and fill up your new toy with all my awesome tunes.

Also: I feel compelled to be nice since you added me to your blog links. Yeah, linkage.

7:10 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

Thank you for the tunes offer. Although, if my parentals only buy me the nano I'll be forced to carefully scrutinize which songs make it into the rounds.

Also: I better get some linkage, as well.

5:40 PM


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