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Friday, December 02, 2005

My Mum

I'm fairly certain that my sense of humor is a direct result of the genes I inherited from my mother*. She and I laugh at the same things and we're easily amused by mocking others. Behind their backs. Although, my mother would have no problem with throwing down if it came to that.

Once my cousin and I were out drinking and of course, where else would you end up afterwards but the local Denny's? What we didn't expect to find was my mother and my aunt, standing on a booth playing air guitar, as inebriated and my cousin and I were. (We also didn't expect to steal the entire jelly caddy, either, but fortunately my cousin had a gigantic purse.)

Another time my parents rented a limo to go to a show and later ended up going for some late-night Chinese food. When the waiter threatened to kick them out for being "rambunctious" (read: loud and obnoxious), my mother informed the gentleman that she was, in fact, Mick Jagger's sister. He apologized and let them lay laughing in the booth all night.

Yesterday my mother laughed and laughed when I told her about the DDR Dance Off party we held at school. I told her the kids were very impressed with my dance skills; they were in awe, cheering me on. Then I heard one 6th grader say: "Of course she's good. She's the LIBRARIAN, what else do you think she does on Friday nights?"

My mother and I find it supremely amusing to have WWE-like smack down wrestling matches in the living room. We chuckle at people's outfits in Wal*Mart. We enjoy randomness.

Yes, my mother has many, many admirable qualities. She's a great cook. She's smart and sassy. She's interesting. She's cares about everyone and she's super-sentimental. But her sense of humor... her sense of humor is priceless.

*This being said, I have no idea why our taste in movies is so divergent, she being more of the Nicholas Cage/Die Hard-type variety. What can you do? We're not clones! Geez.


Anonymous Anonymous rocks hardcore!

Nothing to say about your cousin Gabe?
You bitch.

10:33 PM

Anonymous Fiona rocks hardcore!

Such a very witty essay on your fabulous Mom. Knowing her longer than anyone else on earth I completely agree with her genious sense of humor. However you should give yours truly some kudos for not only being of the same gene pool, but as a life long mentor in her journey through life and her off center perception of it. I was the one playing LEAD Guitar and she accompanied on bass. It was however, her that started the sugar fight.

6:47 PM


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