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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We Don't Need No Thought Control

Despite a rocky start at 5:30 a.m., getting back into the library has been a reassuring experience; it reminded me that I do, in fact, love my job. I had a mostly sleepless night, as was expected, my mind running amok with crazy thought trails, but in the end I pulled out a fantastic start to the school year as expected. Woot. Now we just need some students.

I have a few meetings to attend tomorrow, then I am off for one final hurrah weekend in the Rochester area. Highlights to include the Flaming Lips and Ween concert, the milk bar at the Great New York State Fair, seeing The Boy and the Rochester posse, and hopefully one last trip to the Public Market... for at least the next few months.

And now, time to wind down from frisbee with a little Dirty Dancing and a mug of chocolate mate tea. Yum! 'Till the morrow- NPW, out.


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