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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Ah, the first day of school. There's nothing else that signifies the passage of another year quite like the very first day back in school after a long and lazy summer. New Year's Day has got no play in comparison. New notebooks, new pens, new clothes and shoes, new people to meet. It's the opportunity to start your work fresh every single year. What other career has that option? It's like, just when you're so sick of the 8th graders you could vomit on the next one you see, there's a whole new group of them just waiting for you to get sick of them, too!

Saying "I can't believe summer is already over!" sounds so pathetic, since I did just have a little more than 2 months off, but seriously. I can't believe summer is already over. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was stuck in the Central Leatherstocking Region trying to get out to Rochester?

So I was looking over my calendar year and realized that not a month goes by in which I don't have some sort of day off to look forward to. The stretch from September to Thanksgiving break will fly by, then there's the week-long winter break, then February break, then April break. That stretch between Feb. and April break is a killer, but once April break comes it's smooth sailing into the summer months. It really goes by so quickly.

Anyway, the start of a new school year always gives me the jitters, but this year is already promising greatness. The next few weeks will be crazy busy, but in a good way. The Boy is moving out here, which is pretty much my favorite thing ever. No more two - three week stretches of missing him, only to cram in the occasional long weekend... hooray! Also, the fall is the bestest of all seasons. Hooray for leaf peeping and pumpkins! Hooray for fall! Hooray for me!

Oops. I got a bit carried away there. Back to the first day of school: it is tomorrow. I must wake up early. I have a faculty meeting. I have my planner and my pens and the latest issue of School Library Journal ready. School is in session, kids. Get ready for some edumacation.


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