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Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Tiredness

I've been kicking myself all week for being so lazy, but I've just been so content to lay about, watch movies, and go for a run now and then. I just haven't pulled it together as much as I should have. So today I kicked it into high gear- I cleaned, ran around doing errands, stopped in at my library for the first time this summer, sorted through piles of crap, fixed some technology problem for my principal, looked like a genius, and then headed to my parents so they can take me out to dinner and I can watch stuff on TiVo.
I always work better under pressure, anyway.
But now I'm sitting in NH, my dad is eating pistachios on the couch and watching some black and white movie on AMC that he's probably seen 50 times, and it's cold and dreary. Even the prospect of a nap on my old twin bed is sounding appealing... and after all, I did earn it by getting so much accomplished, right?
Have a good weekend, people. I'll catch you next week.
PS- I wanted to add an addendum to yesterday's post. This was the first mean person I have ever encountered in Boston, which was why it made me sad. On the whole, the homeless of Beantown are pleasant and often surprisingly witty. Just in case you were wondering.


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