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Friday, June 02, 2006

Oh, Hey. Welcome to June.

I've been a somewhat boring blogger as of late. Not that I've been missing bunches of posts or anything, but I feel like my comedic level has dropped from Comic Gold to Comic Bronze over the past few weeks. While considering the possible reasons for this, I realized: it's June! June, the month of summer breezes and salty ocean air. Of ice cream and fireworks and sandals. Of lazy long days.

There it is! That's it exactly. Lazy.

After working in a "normal" job for two years, staring out the window at passersby licking fro-yo cones and strolling idly down the street while I frantically worked out mail merges, I came to the conclusion that summer is no time to be slaving away in an office doing some menial paperwork. Thus I reentered the academic world so that I could emerge with a job that would provide me with at least two solid months of free time throughout the loveliness of summer. So why am I still here? And why am I so freaking busy?!

Anywizzle, this blogging ennui got me thinking. Am I going to be motivated enough to write posts all summer long? And if I do, will people want to read about non-library things? I mean, I know my daily discourses are what keeps people going throughout the day and all, but is it because of their innate fascination with the library, or my own delightful personality? I still have a few weeks before I have to decide on a blog course of action for the summer, but I'm pretty sure I'll keep up the best I can, in between bocce at the beach, canoeing and camping, weddings and showers, and visiting my far-flung friends.

Happy Friday. Keep cool, stay dry, and I'll rap at ya some more on Monday.


Blogger Carlo Alberto rocks hardcore!

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11:20 AM

Blogger Cupcake rocks hardcore!

NPW, I forget, are you a Smithie? I'm thinking of updating my sidebar with a special section for Smith Alum Blogs.

2:30 PM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

No Smith... got my grad degree at Simmons. But you can add me to the sidebar and pretend I went to Smith.

6:26 AM


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