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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Library Warming

Once again, NPW = uncommonly busy. It must be that it's June and the end of the school year is looming closer, but I've had classes in to do "research" all day long for the last week or so. And by research I mean cutting and pasting from Google searches directly into Word documents. Honestly, if these teachers can't tell that their 12 year old angels did not write a doctoral thesis on plant biodiversity on their own, I don't know what else to do.

Anyway, besides having classes in all day long (you'd think they actually expect me to do some work around this place), I've been cataloging the newest installment of about 100 books that I scored from the Book Fair last week. I assure you, nothing is more satisfying than knowing your library owns a biography of Hilary Duff.

The library also has the dazzling and oppressive heat of a greenhouse today. I can practically see the sheen of moisture glistening on the pink walls. As I was stumbling around in a dazed and sluggish torpor, I saw that someone had left a random little bird whistle on my circulation computer. First thought- I was hallucinating, some kind of dehydration-induced illusion. Second thought- it was an actual little bird. Last thought- oh. Weird. It sounds nothing like any bird I've ever heard, but his little orange beak did make me smile. I named him Golly.

This steam bath is getting to me. I think I'll turn off the lights, lock my office doors, lay down next to the cool, cool computer servers, and take a little nap. Close the door on the way out, will you?


Blogger MyUtopia rocks hardcore!

I did that once when I was a kid I took stuff out of a book, since we didn't have the internet. My teacher knew and called me on it.

9:26 AM


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