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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday: A General Life Update

The library has been keeping me too busy and too tired out to give you an update on my actual daily activities. I've also been proctoring exams (which basically means reading out of a manual... "only use a #2 pencil and be sure to make your marks heavy and dark..."), and that pretty much sucks the life right out of me. But since you've all been clamoring to hear the real life 411, and I did promise you an update-- here's the digg.

1. My cousin's baby shower last weekend was a huge success, despite the surprise not really being a surprise. The hours of work on the invitations, the RSVP headaches, the endless baby gift shopping, it all paid off in the end because my girl was happy. And got a lot of cool ass baby gifts.
2. One of the subs at school totally has a crush on me. I know because he asked me yesterday how to make copies on the risograph machine, even though I saw him making copies on Monday with no problem whatsoever. He just wanted some copy room time alone with yours truly. Suave, my friend, but the riso is not the way to my heart.
3. Mondays pilates class was redonk. As in, my abs hurt every time I check in a book.
4. The big puffer fish in the library fish tank just ripped the head off one of the smaller fish and proceeded to eat his decimated body while the other fish huddled in the corner behind the castle and watched with horror. When did Puff Daddy get so big? He's out of our control. There's no way to stop him! I can see the film now... "Terror In The Tank: the thrilling sequel to Finding Nemo- a Pixar Production".
5. I have on a totally cute outfit today.
6. Last night was ultimate frisbee night but there was no ice cream action afterwards with the crew. Peanut Butter Oreo? Call me. I miss you.
7. I'm heading to NY this weekend for some MemDay fun. It's supposed to be a glorious 80 degrees and I am very much looking forward to the grilling of various meats, the imbibing of classy beers, maybe some fireworks, and time with The Boy and his Roch peeps.

That's it. That's all there is to it. Nothing more to see here, folks. Move along.


Blogger MyUtopia rocks hardcore!

Is the sub a cutie?

8:34 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

Sub = tall and cross-eyed. I wouldn't say "cutie", I'd say more... "retardate".

11:41 AM


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