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Monday, June 05, 2006

...And Let the Countdown Begin

Did anyone ever see that old black and white movie, The Lost Weekend? As I recall, the basic plot line was about this dude that went on an alcoholic binge for an entire weekend and hallucinated lots of strange things and then couldn't remember most of what happened. Well that's what this weekend felt like to me. Minus the alcohol and the hallucinations. Where did it go? I couldn't have been folding laundry for an entire 48 hours, could I?

But the official NPW Summer Countdown has begun: 15 days left of school. That means only two more weekends dealing with Sunday dread. Two more Mondays that I have to drag myself out of bed to start another week (I've already got today covered so I'm not even counting it!). Three more classes with the 8th grade goons before we can send them off to get beaten up at the high school. Plus, that whole last week is pretty much field trips and pizza parties and graduations and socials, so it's not like a regular old work week anyway.

And then... freedom. When people ask me what I'll be doing this summer and I just close my eyes and shake my head slightly, almost imperceptibly, replying, "Shhhhh. Shh. Summer is not for doing things," and go back to calmly checking in books.

So 15 days to get all my final stuff done. Whoa... 15 days? I have so much to do! I better get my ass in gear. You enjoy your Monday, I've got mad books to index.


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