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Monday, February 06, 2006

Strange Days

People: I know I have been less than stellar at keeping up with the February posts thus far. No need to fret, however, as I have a renewed energy and zest for "the blogging", as the kids are calling it. The days are getting longer, warmer, and happier, but I will do my best to make sure that my writing in no way reflects any of those sentiments.

I do feel compelled to mention that I had a superfly weekend, B-town style. The best weekend in a long while, actually. Despite my best efforts, I'm hating on February less and less. You see, peeps, on the one hand I have to wonder if my constant grinning may adversely affect my sarcasm and all-around snarkiness. On the other hand, my humor is innate and I don't think it's going anywhere. In other words, no need for alarm at my lack of posting; the first whiff of conversation heart, maybe I'll go right back to my old anti-Feb. self.

So enough of the chit chat. In serious news, I have been having wildly bizarre dreams lately. If these were normal-bizarre dreams I would not bother to record them here for you. But on the scale of strange-osity, they're like a 9. Saturday night I dreamed that I was at the beach and I had my little cooler full of drinks. After I went swimming in the waves I came back and my cooler was missing. When I looked down the beach, I spied a man surrounded by 20 different coolers of all shapes and sizes. I marched right up to this loon and demanded my cooler back. He looked sheepish and told me that he had been stealing coolers in hopes of finding valuable video game covers from old Nintendo cartridges. He said he had already found an original Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. 2, and he was going to make himself rich scouring the beach for coolers full of covers. In my dream, I realized the genius of his plan and nodded along with him, not even bothering to get my drinks back.

In another dream, a bunch of my friends and I were nut miners and we used pickaxes in underground tunnels to mine nuts for yogurt. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

PS- I am so very close to having tickets to see the future Mr. NancyPearl, aka Franz Ferdinand, and Mr. Ben Gibbard of Death Cab/Postal Service fame. So close.
PPS- I know I promised you all a ranked list of the worst holidays of the year way back in December. Not to worry- that will be posted this month. See? Something to look forward to.
PPS- Is anyone else as amused as I that football has such a thing as a "ticky tack" foul?


Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!


I will not let you down on the tix, yo. Does Ben Gibbard look fatter in person? We WILL find out.

6:21 PM

Anonymous chris rocks hardcore!

Im going to show up at that concert and arm wrestle 'franz' for your undying affection.

If he should win, I will be forced to fall on my spork.

10:09 AM


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