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Friday, January 20, 2006

Let's End This Week

...with all the CUTENESS you can handle!

So after yesterday's depressing news re: love v. mental illness I thought we could all use a dose of happiness to end this forever-long week. Be prepared- this site will make even the most cold-hearted among you say "AWWWWW...." repeatedly. So if you'd like to maintain your foul mood, do not click on the link above. Otherwise, happy Friday!


Anonymous chris rocks hardcore!

I'm going to put a cuteness retaliation post on my blog.

I wonder if i can find some overly cute crippled cats to compete with that tripod in your photo.

5:29 PM

Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!

I, on the other hand, know better than to try and engage in any games of one-upsmanship with you. Not because you are superior, but because you are a cheat (see: Skeeball debacle).

5:09 PM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!


Your attempts at defaming my skeeball skills are amusing, since we all know that I am superior in every form of Hampton Beach entertainment available.


8:40 AM


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