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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Area Librarian Tired Of Torn, Bloody Cuticles

Area librarian NancyPearlWannabe was quoted recently in School Library Journal as being tired of having torn and bloody cuticles. "Damn, yo. I must have more paper cuts than anyone on this planet. I'm kinda a mess. They definitely neglected to mention these types of hazards in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science application packet. "

Sources close to NPW do not deny the fact that she is in dire need of a manicure. "I don't know what goes on in that library, but I know for a fact she applies Intensive Healing lotion, like, every hour", quotes a fellow teacher in the staff room. "What does she expect, working with books like that?"

Despite her best efforts, NPW finds her shredded skin constantly catching on paper and clothing, further damaging the already fragile nail beds. Adding to her worries, scientists have recently confirmed that paper does, indeed, suck moisture from one's skin. NPW is currently working on an overnight concoction of lotions, balms, and plastic gloves to combat this medical phenomenon and keep her skin soft and smooth. "Dripping blood on all the books is getting seriously old. If anyone out there knows of a cure for ripped up cuticles, post it on a listserv, will you?"


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