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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lights... Camera... Action!

Today I returned from lunch to find students filming an action-packed spy/ninja movie in the library stacks.

Apparently, a group of 7th grade boys with a noticeable lack of enthusiasm for pretty much anything that doesn't include violent video games or Truth Or Dare decided to create a script- complete with plot, character development, and blocking- and film it in my library during lunch. Much drama, roundhouse kicking, and combat rolling ensued. What were they filming it with? These ingenious boys were using their cell phones to record their masterpiece in 20 second video clips and combining them on their video iPods.

On the one hand, I realize these boys should be at lunch. On the other, how could I refuse them the opportunity to showcase their true talents? Besides, I got a free show- and it was Hilarious. With a capital H. If I manage to get hold of a final edited copy, you can bet you'll be seeing it (and me) at the next Sundance.


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