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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Thank You, Derrick Z. Jackson, Globe Columnist

Normally I try to refrain from any kind of political commentary here in BlogLand because, frankly, it's boring to write about how dumb Dubya is. However I am going to make an exception today: I'd like to extend my thanks to Mr. Derrick Z. Jackson, op-ed columnist for the Globe, for publishing his commentary on Bush's education gap. While I do not have the energy nor the talent to publish articles on Bush's many failings, I am glad there are those out there who recognize the absurdity of cutting $12.7 million from education while we educators try to make el Presidente's miserable No Child Left Behind Plan work.

Oh no, Georgie, please, go right ahead- obviously, the rich should get tax breaks, and we can certainly see the pressing need to vote in an Iraqi president right quick. What's that you say? The future of America? The kids who will take over some day? Who cares. By then you won't be President any more, anyway.

Yeah, I'm not bitter or anything.

Also: what kind of middle name starts with a Z?


Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!

According to, Derrick could possibly be hiding:

Zaniel : ZAY-nee-el : latin - angel of mondays

Zenon : seh-NOHN : spanish "living"

or my personal fave:

Zaid : za-HEED : african "increase, growth"

Increase growth, indeed. Also: three cheers for the Globe, my fave daily rag!

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