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Monday, January 09, 2006

Quarter Life Crisis

It's probably a good thing to go through a quarter life crisis. It prepares you for the inevitable mid-life crisis and it also lets you breathe easy throughout your thirties and forties. It's like a rite of passage to get all existential, angst-y, and whiny. But let me tell you- the mid-life crisis is not so pretty.

Evidence: my father recently bought a 52" inch television and called to tell me he was playing his Corvette racing game on PS2 and it was so realistic, he may just sell his real Corvette. Further evidence: all pictures of my sister and I have been replaced by pictures of the Corvette in the driveway, the Corvette in storage, the Corvette at the beach... you get the idea.

Maybe I should count myself lucky that I just sit around listening to Blink-182, agreeing that indeed, nobody DOES like you when you're 23.


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