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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Alive... And More Importantly, Sane

Well kids, I'm back from the Canada Extravaganza. A bit of advice from an old pro: one weekend trip with a hundred 8th graders = one year of your life gone forever. Maybe I'm naive but I swear I did not realize the extreme lack of common sense in 13 year olds. They were stampeding down the hallways of a five-star hotel with stacks of Gideon Bibles under their arms. Girls were going up to strange men (MEN) in the ski lodge asking if they could get a picture with them because they were "McHotties". I found tubes of lipstick in potted plants, broken wine glasses, and more iPod and PSP parts than I care to return. Lunch time? One boy had two orders of french fries, a giant cookie, two candy bars, and a Slush Puppie. I had two girls ask if their "friend" that they met in the hotel lobby could get a ride back to school with us even though they DIDN'T GO TO OUR SCHOOL. ("Oh, but he'd pay the bus driver! And he's sooooo cute!")We had two kids go to the emergency room. Six stitches and two x-rays later they returned, ready for some Rock N'Bowl.

But I also found some really sweet kids, and it was really nice to get to know some of the students better. And Quebec really does rock. Definitely a place to plan a trip sans the 7 hour bus ride with students grinding Fritos into each others hair and daring each other to eat tubes of chapstick.


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