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Monday, November 28, 2005

Buried Alive

Today I am thankful that I am still alive after yet another harrowing library adventure.

Around noon I was half-crushed by an avalanche of 900's crashing down from broken shelves onto my hapless body. My legs were pinned beneath piles of books on Flags of the World and Greek and Roman mythology. I was bruised and battered by Heraldry and Coats of Arms. I thought I would have to saw my arm off at the elbow using only a scotty peeler as it lay twisted and useless under Belize and Argentina.

As I lay there silently weeping at my plight (and cursing my luck that I wasn't buried in the 790's- avalanche safety), I had a vision: I would come through this and live to shelve again. I had to find the will to carry on. I called for help until a senior citizen volunteer turned on her hearing aid and heard me. Since she could barely lift one of the books, let alone my broken body, she ran (shuffled) to the main office to get some help.

Was it sabotage? Or an unfortunate mishap? Were the shelves rigged by the former librarian, a booby trap intended to finish off anyone trying to change her library's layout? I suppose we'll never know. Thank goodness the school nurse has ace bandages and emergency medical training, or I might not have survived to tell you about it. And even though I might be a little concussed I will still drag myself to the faculty meeting after school, that's how dedicated I am to this position.

From now on, the students are doing the shelving. They're a little more expendable.


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