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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

LIS Genius

It is a well-known fact that I am a library genius, but once in a while I like to confirm this fact by taking LIS quizzes on topics like classification, Dewey Decimal order, electronic resources, and citing sources. If you'd like to find out whether you, too, are an LIS genius, check out this website:

If only my brilliant mind could have been put to use in a way that would make me fabulously rich. Instead I follow in the footsteps of Melville Dewey and George Boole (for the less library-savvy among you, the Irish mathematician who created Boolean logic). But as Herbert Samuel once said, "Libraries are thought in cold storage", and so I take heart that I am almost always surrounded by others thoughts.

On the same thread, I've been searching for interesting websites lately, ones that I might be able to use in school as well as at home. Here are a few that I thought worthy of noting:

Search Engines: Are you sick of Google? Does Yahoo make you want to vomit? Try these. This search engine clusters results and displays them visually as a graph. Another clustering search engine, helpful list of clusters as a side bar. A metasearch engine, searches many of the largest search engines out there. Searches blogs. Searches podcasts. A metasearch engine with visual display interfaces. An interactive museum of news... shows todays headlines for over 300

Others: General coolness You can pretty much locate your house from space. Assuming you live in a fairly large city, that is. Another really cool mapping website. Like IMDB, only visual and with less information. Still, pretty to look at. Google Labs helps you find a ride. Locate taxis and shuttles in many major cities. Helps you locate books and research materials and DOES citations for
you- in any bibliographic format you may want to use. Yeah, internet!

So this is a partial list of the awesomeness I actively seek. Who ever said librarians were boring?


Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!

While we're on the subject of hyperlinks, I've found you a new boyfriend! Or, rather, an additional one:

Check out the library hottie!

How I came across this link is lost to history (very recent history, at that), but it matters little. You guys can talk all raw about Dewey and his DS!

I know! You're welcome!

10:12 AM

Blogger Krista rocks hardcore!

I used to work at the library and I would dream about the dewey decimal system. It was insanity.

Good blog.

9:58 PM


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