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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ironic Hyperbole Day

Today was "Mix It Up" Day at school. It seemed like a cute idea, the kids dressed in completely mismatched outfits and did their hair in crazy fashions. They wore one slipper and one sneaker. Golf pants and button downs. Skirts over jeans. But the big mix-up was scheduled for lunch time. The plan was to have the kids reach into a bag and pull out a piece of candy. Then they'd sit at the table that corresponded to the candy, effectively "mixing up" the normal lunch tables and forcing to kids to interact with people they didn't normally talk to.

Can you picture it?

It seemed to be going well- until I glanced at the table in the far corner, crammed in next to the soda machine. This was apparently the Nerds table. And in a tragi-comedic twist of fate, it seemed every kid that had pulled a package of Nerds candy was, in fact, a nerd. So I went and sat with them. There's no place like home.


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