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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Game

I decided to play the "game" on the joekitsch blog, and I have concluded that it is a very dangerous game to play for anyone interested in the arts.

Take my writing, for example: it will very likely never be published, whether or not it is good. But how do I know? I can't know for sure, so I am compelled to continue on.

Here we go:

1. A quality and unique product
2. Proper timing
3. Adequate capital
4. People resources
5. Effective management

1. I believe my writing to be quality, and it's certainly unique. But I could be totally off-base, it could be terrible drivel, already been done a million times, how would I know? I'm a harsh critic of myself and everyone else is too nice. Score: Victim of Chance
2. Is there proper timing for writing? Maybe. Maybe it would be in my best interest to write books about pirates right after a Hollywood blockbuster movie about pirates comes out. Or maybe I should just write what I want. Score: Heroine of Circumstance
3. Adequate capital to be able to focus solely on writing? Never. My lifestyle and my tastes demand that I earn cash. Lucky for me, I love my work. But if I do someday miraculously become rich by writing, there are a lot of people that helped me get a leg up. I feel as though I should have been born rich. Score: Victim of Chance
4. My people resources are great, in that I have friends and family that love me. I never feel alone. I work to be outgoing and friendly, most of the time. As for networking, librarians are big on sharing information. Sometimes too much. And on the writing end, I have friends in publishing, but other than that my writing is going to have to stand on it's own. Score: Heroine of Circumstance
5. Effective management... well, I am and always have been a major procrastinator. I also want things to come easily to me because they usually do. So when I hit a roadblock, I tend to drop it entirely, maybe to be picked up again later on. Score: What the H-E-L-L is my problem?

Apparently I average Victim of Chance, so what can I say to that? I'm content with what I am and what I'm doing. Yeah, me.


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