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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Do What I Say 'Cuz I Said It

I might have to make up a November song to the tune of "12 Days of Christmas".

On the second day of my birth month, teachers gave to me, two crying kids and a database lesson plan for freeee.....

Right, ok. Now I have that out of the way, more fun facts about me:

I never, ever drink ginger ale.
I can sing all the prepositions in the English language in alphabetical order.
I love shows about forensics, medical oddities, ghosts, and monsters.
I play Dance Dance Revolution.
My favorite movie of all time: Dirty Dancing. If you don't get it, leave it be.
I learned how to play Sweet Home Alabama on the guitar today.
I speak French and love French literature, but I cannot for the life of me understand French New Wave cinema.
I panic when I get pulled over for speeding and have to talk myself into pulling over and not slamming on the gas to get away.
I love Aqua Teen Hunger Force and I think Master Shake is brilliant in his ridiculousness.

Yeah November!


Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!

Ersatz NP,

Stop the Nouvelle Vague hatin'! I was always under the impression that your Waver dissing was simply another way to insult me, but now I see that you are genuinely misguided. You obviously haven't been exposed to the right movies (as evidenced by your assertion that "Un chien andalou" was a New Wave film -- you're about thirty years off on that one, Librarian). One of these days when you aren't busy with school/guitar/boyfriend/best friend/family/Harry Potter fan-fiction/O.C. marathoning/DDR/Mandarin Chinese-studying, you're coming to the theater at 45 Mt Vernon and watching a double feature of "Baisers vol├ęs" and "Jules et Jim".

Ah, Truffaut.

6:53 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!


I understand that Un chien andalou was a surrealist movie and does not technically fall under the category of la nouvelle vague, however, I am still allowed to hate it.

Also, if I needed more ways to insult you I'd dig deeper than French cinema. :)


8:46 AM


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