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Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloween: The New Christmas

Christmas is the worst holiday of the year. That's right, I said it. Everything goes downhill from Thanksgiving until January 2, with Christmas Day as the lowest point in the year. It's expensive, guilt-ridden, and commercially depressing. I mean, even being in the holiday dumps is cliche now. Christmas is so over.

So Halloween has been declared the new Christmas. Now, I know Christmas has some catchy tunes, and eggnog is delicious, and it's probably a better holiday for money-makers... but I see it as our duty as adult Americans to ensure that Christmas is ousted as the biggest holiday of the year. Come on, you don't even get to dress up on Christmas.*

I read an article that said adult costume sales are up 6% from last year and that most people spend $50-60 on their costume. (Don't these people know the wonder of thrift stores?) You can even dress up your pets, if you're that kind of person. And you get bags full of candy from strangers, what other day is that socially acceptable? We need to take full advantage. I'm even thinking about having kids, just so I can dress them up and eat their candy.

Let me sum up: Christian holidays- out, pagan holidays- in.

*Unless you have season-themed sweaters. In that case, refer to my post from 10/26.


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