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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Keeping Up With My Agenda

A great deal has happened over the last two days and while I am excited and relieved and all that happy crappy, I also feel a little overwhelmed. You know what will quell my anxieties? Bullet points!

  • Tuesday afternoon started off just fine- a whole day off with not one thing on the agenda for the first time since I finished school. Out of the blue, I got a call from this "friend", claiming she would like to hang out now that school was over. Random! And bizarre! But hey, I'm game for a little entertainment. So we met up for a beer. Everyone I told about this meeting thought she was for sure going to do some apologizing, or at least make some claim that she still wanted me to apologize, but neither of those happened. We basically talked for an hour or so as if nothing had happened, as though I had been on a seven month long vacation and now I was back, so we had to catch up. I think she saw it as an opportunity to brag about her new boyfriend, who happens to live in Philadelphia and is some kind of PhD student in a relatively unknown field. Well. Good for her. I think? Moving on.
  • Tuesday night C received some very good news: he was offered a new position in an awesome company doing something he has always wanted the opportunity to do! For way more money! And for a boss that doesn't have horns and cloven hooves! Hooray! He quit his old job immediately and brought home a box of his stuff which is still sitting on the floor of his office as I type this. I did manage to convince him not to throw away an entire collection of ties, but he has been more than happy to wake up and roll into shorts and a t-shirt every day. And bonus for me: no more miserable nights of trying to console him when his job was particularly horrendous. Wheee!
  • Wednesday I had to wake up at the crack of dawn (read: 7 am) to head to school for some contract work they hired me for. Yes, they are paying me; that doesn't make me complain any less. It was as boring as expected, but once free C met me for lunch and we discussed the possibility of visiting his father down in Florida for a few days while he has time off in between jobs. Then I headed off for a haircut (completely drama-free, thankfully). And set out for the athletic club for some madcap adventures in towel-handing. C called me about halfway through my shift to inform me that he had booked our flight to Florida, where we would be staying in Orlando for a few days and perhaps heading down to Key West with his dad for a few days as well. Which is perfect, since the dreadfully hot and humid weather here has been preparing me for survival in a Florida summer anyway. I also had a minor encounter with the Parking Lady during my shift, which was remarkably uneventful; I vow next time I see her to provoke her anger so that I can report back to you.
  • This morning I woke up early (again! I know!) to head to school, where I had to refrain from rolling my eyes 97 kajillion times at the other librarians. I might be the youngest person there by 30 years, but sweet Christ are they bossy. Once I made my escape, I came home with vague feelings of guilt over not posting earlier and started typing this up. Directly after this, I will be taking a nap, and then hopping on the T to meet up with Kelli and the other members of the 007 Bookclub to discuss Infidel, which I finally, finally finished the other day. I'm super excited about it! And yes, also super nerdy. I know. Shut up. After that, the lovely Ms. Kelli and I (and anyone else that wants to join our crazy selves) are heading on over to the infamous Beer Garden, where we will meet C and some of his compadres for drinks and hilarity.
  • And then: the weekend! I have to wake up early again tomorrow for that stupid contract work, but whatever, I'm glad I took it because it's funding the upcoming Florida trip. My sister just bought a boat, so we might head up to NH for some fun on the lake, or we might borrow my parents sweet canoe and paddle ourselves around. Either way, there will be fireworks and ice cream involved: you can be sure of that.
Keep cool, people. I'm heading out into the wild heat of summer. Over and out.


Blogger 3carnations rocks hardcore!

Great news all around! Congrats to C on the new job, yay for going to Florida, and as far as friend who pretended there was no weirdness between you...well, kind of weird on it's own, but good, I guess.

12:51 PM

Blogger 3carnations rocks hardcore!

Doh! I put an apostrophe where it does not belong in "its". Shame on me. Oh the shame. Second proofreading problem today, but this is the worst, as THAT particular error is one of my pet peeves. :(

12:52 PM

Blogger Kelli rocks hardcore!

I just finished Infidel last night (shh) at 10:30pm. Whew. Talk about cutting it close.
If you're a dork for being excited about tonight than that makes me one too. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone and discussing...well, the book.

AND then! The Beer Garden! Things don't get much better now do they?

Congrats to your fella and the new job. (But then, I'll be able to tell him that tonight in person!)

1:08 PM

Anonymous liberace rocks hardcore!

Congrats on C's job & even more so, taking time off before starting the next one! Smart guy.

You know, Seaworld has a beer garden. Epcot has an English Pub that sells beer in those really huge pilsners. I'm pretty sure there is beer in the Keys too. In other words, you'll like FLA.

2:17 PM

Anonymous liberace rocks hardcore!

PS: I think you should make up your own parking stubs with quaint little messages on them. Like "honk if you're horny" or "don't worry, be happy". Every time you leave you give the parking nazi one of your tickets. Act all confused when she says something and then rummage around and hand her the real ticket.

2:32 PM

Blogger Whiskeymarie rocks hardcore!

Next time you pay for parking, do it entirely in nickels and pennies.

That should get the ball rolling.

3:04 PM

Blogger L Sass rocks hardcore!

Congrats to C on the new job!! What a relief!!!

3:26 PM

Blogger stilettoheights rocks hardcore!

congrats y=to Chris and to you for surviving drinks with an ex best friend and library shenanigans wiith the old cranks!!

7:19 AM

Blogger CarpeDM rocks hardcore!

Oh, yay for C! I'm so happy for him. I was concerned over the fact that he worked for Satan. Satan is not a good boss. He used to get mad at me when I alphabetized the files before I put them in the filing cabinets. Which, by the way, were in alphabetical order. I know. I don't get it either.

Have an excellent weekend! Why Florida? Why not Minnesota? And karaoke? We have beer at the Chalet. You like beer, right? So yes, Minnesota. No fun beaches or anything like that but the sun is bad.

3:59 PM

Blogger Lisa rocks hardcore!

Again, SO jealous that I can't participate in the book club! YAY for C!!! Many congrats!!!!

8:39 PM

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