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Monday, June 18, 2007

Hold On For One More Day

I decided to view this past weekend as a warm-up for my summer of fun, and partied accordingly. Friday night we met a bunch of people in the [up and coming] downtown Haverhill area for some cocks and apps. Ok, we actually met for dinner and beers, but I've really wanted to use the phrase "cocks and apps" since I read it in one of those terrible A-List books a few weeks back. It's amusing, no? Anyway, once we blew that joint we headed into Brighton to Porter Belly's to see one of C's friends finish up a set. For a cover band, they are pretty damn entertaining. And we? Rock pretty hard.

Saturday C blew off work and we headed beach side; notably, to Newburyport and Plum Island. The weather was gorgeous- perfect for beach bums like ourselves. Hot and sunny, but breezy. Chris collected shells and buried my legs in the sand. Honestly, we are as easily entertained as children. We also got some ice cream at a place downtown, if you could call it ice cream; it was more like peanut butter cups glued together with minimal cream action. We also had dinner at Chris's new favorite place, California Pizza Kitchen. It may not be gourmet, but it sure is tasty.

Sunday we had a cookout at my sister's and the phrase "rain or shine" was put to the test. So we had to eat hot dogs in the rain- whatevs. It's hot dogs, people. They care not for the weather. We played some wiffle ball with the old Padre and enjoyed one of our favorite pasttimes, making fun of my sister.

Today was the last day of school for the kids, and it was a half day, so they were a little bit wild and a little more out of control. I just looked out my office window and watched one kid wrap another kid in an entire roll of duct tape, both of them laughing like hyenas. Bet you won't be laughing so hard when that tape rips off all your newly grown arm hair, buddy.

School's out!


Anonymous Anonymous rocks hardcore!

I haven't heard Alice Cooper's "Schools Out" yet....its not really summer until......

10:56 AM

Blogger L Sass rocks hardcore!

I wish every one of your entry titles was a Wilson Phillips lyric.

11:06 AM

Blogger CarpeDM rocks hardcore!

Yeah, except I'm going to be singing this all day. With big arm gestures. Because that's the type of person I am.

My friend Beth went on vacation last week and was showing me pictures. One of them is moving tip #42 or 589 or something like that and it says "Duct tape should never be used as a cruel practical joke." And it shows some stick guy wrapping another stick guy's head in duct tape. It was pretty funny.

Did you take pictures of your legs buried in the sand? Because that is always fun.

11:31 AM

Blogger Kelli rocks hardcore!

I think the true 1st sign of summer is hearing Will Smith's old school "Summertime" song...I mean, that's been around for like 15 years right?

Summer, summer, just sit back and unwind...

11:36 AM

Blogger whiskeymarie rocks hardcore!

I still get giddy on the last day before a big break, just like I did as a student.
I love love love that feeling.

1:33 PM

Blogger lizgwiz rocks hardcore!

I think I love the phrase "cocks and apps." Hee.

2:48 PM

Anonymous alyndabear rocks hardcore!


In other words - YAY!

4:02 PM

Blogger Tori rocks hardcore!

Woo Hoo!!!
Congrats on reaching your summer vacation!

6:29 PM

Blogger stefanie rocks hardcore!

Sounds like a great weekend. I spent the majority of mine lying on my couch, too hot to move.

Also, school gets out really late in your town! But it's a small price to pay considering you have the next three months off. Enjoy!

6:31 PM

Anonymous LaLa rocks hardcore!

And I know that there is pain,
but you hold on for one more day,
and you break free, break free from the chains!

Someday, somebodies blah blah blah.

I really want some hot dogs now!

5:29 AM

Blogger stilettoheights rocks hardcore!

yay for the last day of school!!!!!!!

6:39 AM


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