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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

An Off Day

Today is one of those disconnect days that happen every so often. Or, if you're me, once a week. So far, I have managed to:
  • Wake up 30 minutes late
  • Slam my toe into something lying on the floor of our apartment
  • Walk out of the house without my glasses (not a safe idea for anyone)
  • Lose my cell phone
  • Drop every single thing I've picked up, including my peanut butter sandwich this morning- peanut butter side down, of course
  • Recycle my teaching evaluation that I need for licensure
  • Lose a pint of blood after catching a dread cuticle on a mylar book jacket
  • Realize that my car has a past due inspection- from November
I think it's best for all involved if I just try to quietly get through the rest of the afternoon and then build myself a cozy little nest on the couch with my netflix and some tea. I've learned from experience that when these days hit there's no use trying to do anything or be productive in any way. You just have to ride it out.


Blogger Beej rocks hardcore!

If you wait a few years on that inspection sticker they'll come back to that color! Just dodge the cops!

1:24 PM

Blogger Noelle rocks hardcore!

Yeah, I have one of those days most days. My fun common goof is leaving my cell phone at work and realizing it at exactly the moment I get home. I've learned to keep a supply of bandages at hand at all times as well.

4:50 PM

Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!

Seriously, how does one leave home without glasses? I'm baffled. Then again, I'm one step away from blind, so, I guess I can see (pun intended) how that could happen to the more sight-enabled.

7:02 PM


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