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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Mall on a Saturday

I went to The Mall today to do some dress shopping and somehow kept finding myself in stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. Am I going through some kind of quarter-life crisis where I think I am still in high school? I mean, c'mon. Rampage has some cute jewelry and all, but I will not be finding a dress for my cousin's wedding in Rave. I am easily distracted by cute outfits though, and L had to steer me towards Ann Taylor and Macy's so that I could look for something suitable. (I did find some cheap, adorable sandals at Charlotte Russe though, so my mall ADD was somewhat rewarding.)

Why did I choose to head to The Mall on a Saturday in the summer? Well, partly it was because I forgot it was Saturday (having every day off really messes with your sense of days passing), and partly it was because the panic was starting to set in about finding an awesome dress. Anyway, I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to people watch in the New Hampshire malls. Not only do you get the trailer park girls out in their neon pink stiletto pumps with tapered jeans and curled bangs (wait, is that back in now?), but you also get all the scaries from Lawrence and Lowell driving up to tax-free NH to buy their Cinnabons and visit Frederick's of Hollywood, the middle school girls wearing skirts that barely cover their non-legal asses, and the little wannabe thugs wearing so much bling I'm surprised they could even slouch their way over to Foot Locker.

All fun aside, I still have not found a dress that I love. I'm starting to worry, the wedding is in 6 weeks. Maybe I should just head over to Salvation Army, pick out the most horrible rag I can find, and wear it as an ironic statement against fashion. It's so ludicrous it just might work! Sigh. Except I love fashion. Damn you, media execs!

Tonight we are going to have movie marathon night- I "borrowed" a whole case of DVDs from The Boy- and enjoy one sick burrito from Anna's. There is also going to be a laundry blizzard up in here because I am tired of looking at piles of clothes. (L's solution: get rid of some of the clothes! Blasphemy, I tell you.)

Tomorrow's agenda: Garment District, a picnic on the Esplanade, maybe reading a few chapters of my newest book. Stay tuned for more sights.


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