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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm Here, I Swear

So I took a little time off. I've been recuperating from the drive from hell last week by having a grand old time here in the greater Rochester area, but tomorrow it is time to head back to my beloved Boston. Strange, I don't miss Boston yet. NY is almost like being on some far-off vacation place where there are a lot of bored hipster girls and a ridiculous number of restaurants.

Seriously- you want to go on vacation to eat, Rochester is the land of 10,000 restaurants. And The Boy probably has coupons for all of 'em.

Once I get back I will very likely be bored within 20 minutes, so I will have ample time to compose lengthy posts for you. They will amuse and inspire. But right now, I have to get my ass in gear to meet my friends for a final Rochester lunch. For this week, anyway.


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