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Friday, July 07, 2006

Back... In Time

Howdy. You may have heard through the rumor mill that I'm back in Beantown. It's true, it's true. But I've been trying to keep it on the DL so don't go spreading it around, huh? Besides, I'm probably not sticking around long, I'll likely be heading back to NY next week. In any case, I am here, and the very first thing I needed to do was reassure all you fans that I am for real when I say I am trying to keep up with this old blogaroo. Seriously. My hands still smell like rest area soap, for godsake. That is how dedicated I am.

The drive back was blissfully uneventful except for a minor hangup on the Mass Pike where the traffic suddenly came to a standstill. Flashbacks of last week's drive caused a moment of severe distress until I noticed that the cars were moving and it was just some construction. Never scare me like that again, Pike! That's not even funny!

In other news, it's very strange to know that more than a week of my summer vacay has already flown by. It's weird and a little lonely to be back, I won't lie. I was just starting to get pretty good at driving around the Roch. And I already miss my NY peeps. I had an amazing invite to go to Toronto for the weekend, I half wish I had just picked up and went with, but the pull of my family and friends was strong. I think I need to jump back into the Boston social scene before I forget what it's like and I am forever doomed to live an upstate NY existence*. But the city is looking pretty good. Giant sunglasses are out in full force, the weather is gorgeous, and I already got a dinner invite out in Central Square. Should I make cookies or sangria? Or both? Definitely both.

Hope you crazy kids are enjoying yourselves, and I'll be seeing you soon. Real soon.

*Just kidding, Rochester. You know I love you.


Blogger Kirsten rocks hardcore!

glad you made it home safe... see you again soon!

4:17 PM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

thanks kirsten! i'm sure i'll be around this summer, keep an eye out for the girl hanging around in coffee shops with nothing to do.

5:05 PM


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