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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer: An Official Arrival

Countdown: 3 days remaining (+ 2 fakes next week)

It's been hot as a mofo up in this bibliotheque the past week and I'm feeling like an ant trapped under some sadistic little kid's magnifying glass. I guess that's to be expected when you work in a room made entirely of glass? Unpleasant as it is, I've resorted to turning off my office lights and staring dully at a blank Word document, which is only open in case someone finds me sitting here in the dark. In my feverish logic, having Word open ostensibly means I am doing something*.

We Bostoners have welcomed in the official start of summer today by entirely skipping that part of spring where the nights are cool and the days are warm. No, here we do things a little differently. We're a city of extremes, an XCity, if you will. One week it's cold as a witch's tit and you think the rain will never end, the next week you're sweating buckets in the library and wondering when Boston moved to southern Florida. Anyway, the stifling heat and humidity are just a few of the reasons why we should not be forced to stay in school past June 1, but the heat and humidity cause a whole host of other problems not to be taken lightly. For instance, what does one wear to school that is both cool enough to survive the day, but covered enough not to risk 8th graders ogling your breasts? Today I chose a sleeveless shirt- not really a tank top, yet also not a t-shirt. I forgot, however, that I would be cleaning and shelving today and so every time I leeeeaned over to pick up books from the cart, everyone in the library got a great shot of NPW's bra/cleavage. It's especially nice when the principal is reading the newspaper and gets a gratuitous skin shot. Hey, even principals like a little Girls Gone Wild, right?

(Good thing I already signed my contract for next year. Still, memo to myself: sweaters for the remaining days of school.)

Also, did I mention I am sick of school? I love my job and all, but I am done. There are so many other things I should be doing right now, and giving detentions for hucking donuts at each other is ranking pretty low on that list. So you may be asking yourself, "Self? What is NPW doing this summer that she feels she ought to be free from having to work like the rest of us poor saps?" The answer: even NPW doesn't know. Right now it's looking like tennis camp, maybe mix in a few trips to NY, some beach adventures, sipping iced tea at BBQs, and a lot of general lazing about. I loves me some unemployment time.

*Not that I'm complaining about the heat, mind you. It's more the fact that I'm here in school and not lying on the beach or out in the grassy park. (3 days. 3 days. 3 days.)


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