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Monday, June 12, 2006

I Want Candy!

Lots and lots to tell you about, so little time. Nine more days of school and I'm running out of hours to get my shizzy done.

Breakitdown: another excellent weekend with The Boy and various friends about town. Went to an MC Chris show at Harper's Ferry on Saturday night, along with a motley group of Storm Troopers, Comic-Con-style nerds, and wannabe white rapper boys. Awesome. It was a fashion nightmare but a fun show, and I was v. excited to find out that MC Chris's real voice is exactly the voice of MC Pee Pants from Aqua Teen. No joke. He doesn't even need to alter it. It's like he took a little sucky from a helium tank and went out on stage for a rap battle. The guy is also about 4'8". I could leapfrog over him without him even bending over. I could rest my elbow on his head when I stood next to him. Funny makes up for a lot, no?

Sunday: walked over to the Dragon Boat Festival on the Charles, where we got hooked up with RockStar energy drinks, free McDonald's iced coffee coupons, and all the energy bars we could carry home with us. We had just devised a plan to take down the McDonald's dude that had on an iced coffee-dispensing backpack (!!!) but once the plan was finalized the guy was nowhere to be found. He must have sensed us closing in on him.

Last night we made sushi and sangria at D & L's place. D showed me how to play World of Warcraft and if I really wanted an excuse to spend the entire summer indoors hunched at a computer desk, I could become a World of Warcraft expert in no time. NE-eeeerd. Good thing it wouldn't hold my interest for long, esp. with the Nintendo DS Lite coming out this week.

Anyway, that's that. Did you all do as I said and enjoy your respective weekends? Glad to hear it. Now get back to work.

Oh, and also: I know the blogger comments thingy was broken for a few days. Now it's not. So leave a comment before I get a complex or something.


Blogger MyUtopia rocks hardcore!

School isn't done yet? That sucks. Hopefully the next nine days will fly by

12:47 PM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

No, between snow days and flood days this year I'm surprised they're even letting us have a summer vacation at all. If there was a way to physically trap us all here, I'm sure they would have tried it already.

12:54 PM

Anonymous chris rocks hardcore!

I wouldn't want you to get a complex... your complex enough without the need to add anymore complexity to your complexification.

Is that complex'eque enough up in this complex?


3:10 PM


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