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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Flood Day 2: Back Again For The First Time

Whaddya know? Another flood day! At this rate, I could very well be going to school until July, which would be pretty unbearable in the heat and mugginess of a New England summer. But it's still pouring outside. I know because I just walked home from the gym in it, sans umbrella (I seemed to have conveniently lost my umbrella just before the clouds burst open with a vengeance over a week ago). All the rivers in lovely Massachusetts have become raging rapids, houses on lakes and ponds are submerged, and people are being evacuated from their homes.

So I guess my complaints of everything being perma-damp and dreary are a little trivial in comparison... but damn, I could do with some sunshine. Even laying in bed with a good book is getting tiresome- and you know when I'm tired of reading something is very, seriously wrong.


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