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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

There's a Time and a Place for Metaphors

Yes, yes, sorry about the non-post yesterday, but it was for your own good. I was simply trying to spare you a long-winded and painful diatribe on why this week has been craptacular. I could elaborate but it would only bore you to tears and you'd likely stop reading halfway through anyway because, as I've learned, there's no surer way to make people avoid you than to endlessly drone on about things like server crashes and catalog records.

Maybe a metaphor to help you comprehend my duress? I was like a miner trapped in an airless, lightless, caved-in tunnel, with only a nail file to dig my way out of the rubble; finally, when I had abandoned all hope of ever seeing another episode of Lost in my lifetime, one tiny little shaft of light filters in and I break down and weep with joy.


Or instead you could just content yourself with the knowledge that despite the torrential downpours this morning I am in a considerably more chipper mood. (Seriously, though, with this weather? I could have skipped the shower, slept in an extra half hour, and relied on the spring rain to cleanse me while getting in and out of my car.) With that said, I have posted a super-cute-gummi-bears-in-love picture in the hopes that you, too, can find some bright shaft of light in an otherwise gloomy day.

Moving on.

Things worthy of note today:
1. Teacher Appreciation Week=free breakfast and coffee, plus a bonus gift of a little parsley plant in my mailbox. Thanks, student council, now I will have some kickin' salads this summer.
2. Nintendo DS Lite will have the new Mario game out this week and XBox just released news of both a DDR Universe game and the fact that they bought Activision and so will likely have a version of Guitar Hero 2. So awesome.
3. April showers bring May flowers. Oh, damn, it's already May... well, maybe May showers bring June flowers? And speaking of June, can you say SUMMER?!
4. Gummi bears kissing.
5. DaVinci code: almost here! And Tom Hanks-what is up with your hair? You're lucky people will be looking at Audrey Tautou more than your attacked-by-a-beaver head.
6. New Lost tonight: will we find out why Michael is insane? I'm chewing my fingernails just thinking about it.


Blogger MyUtopia rocks hardcore!

I'm excited about LOST tonight too!

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