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Friday, April 28, 2006

Drama Detox

Today marks a milestone in my middle school career: I was officially asked to the 8th grade semi-formal dance. By a student. I managed to not laugh in his face, but I'll tell you, the voice inside my head almost busted a gut (and gagged a little at the same time).

For real though, I'll never understand teachers that have affairs with students. Ignoring the fact that it's illegal and highly inappropriate, it's also really just kinda disgusting. What kind of sad life would you have to have before a relationship with a 13 year old starts to sound like a good idea? I didn't even want to date 13 year olds when I was 13. I guess my standards were too high; I appreciated personal hygiene that involved more than Axe Body Spray.

And besides, who wants to end up like this lady?

The last week has also included the mandatory drama that accompanies school functions, finding a "date" being just one of the reasons for angst: such fun things as dress shopping, renting the stretch Hum-V limo, collecting invites to after-parties, and after that, considering which hotel lobby. Checkin' out 6 in the morning. Who are these kids?


Blogger MyUtopia rocks hardcore!

It's kinda cute, that the kid has a crush on ya : ) I never crushed on any of my teachers. I had a bio teacher that very well could have slept with any girl he wanted. I didn't get it, I thought he was a total dork.

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