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Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day

A smattering of new things have been ushered in along with the month of May, not the least of which is an upswing in my general mood. Just being outside in the sun makes me feel a hundred times better, melanoma be damned. (It also makes me question whether I'm as much of a New England girl as I claim to be, since I can see myself being perfectly content out in the arid desert with year-round warmth.) I think you nerds need a rundown of my weekend, as it was quite clearly better than anything you were up to.

Friday night hailed the first annual Fashion Show here at the middle school of dreams. The giant glittery pink posters did not lie when they promised us a "club atmosphere" and a "killer after-party". If they had a cash bar serving up punchy cosmos or sugary mojitos, the scene would have been complete. They even had a live band (made up of middle school boys in their socks) playing Miles Davis before and after the show. Mood lighting, jazz, and twelve year old girls vamping it down the runway to Kelis in hand-made designs. What's not to love? We even got a chance to mingle with some of the models and designers at the after-party (where they were serving pizza and cookies. Spare no expense for these VIPs, please).

Saturday we ventured out to Harvard Square, where we were greeted by a group of zombies en masse. Hell no I'm not kidding! They shuffled Thriller-style from Davis to Harvard. They dripped blood all down the windows at Toscanini's, the inside of the T was smeared with gore. I know what you're thinking: but why, why were they marching? Dunno, maybe it had something to do with the new immigration laws or something. And why were they doing it in April? Who cares? You're missing the point- the point being, it was excellent. I narrowly avoided becoming one of them, opting instead to head to Grendel's for some drinks. How much do I love zombies? Answer: a lot.

Sunday I was coerced into trying my hand at ultimate frisbee. Although I had successfully managed not to play since high school gym class (I thought it a sport best left to the stoners, hippies, and hackey-sackers) , I figured I'd at least get some sunshine. Lo and behold, I was pretty damn good. I did get knocked flat on my ass once; the dude who did it was kind of embarassed and commented to his team, "I think I groped her! I didn't mean to!" Suuure, buddy. Only one person played barefoot, making it less bohemian and more athletic than I thought. I did get extremely dirty though, so I can see how it got it's hippy rep.

So the weekend in review earns a respectable A-. There are a few things that could have bumped it up to an A or possibly even an A+, but we'll leave that for another weekend. Happy Monday.


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