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Monday, April 24, 2006

Give It Up for BOSTON

There are tons of cool things going down here in B-town. Some stuff to check out:

I highly recommend getting out to see something, anything, at the Independent Film Festival. Of course, tonight is the last night, so you're going to have to get that squat off and move it move it. Shows are playing at the Somerville Theatre, Coolidge Corner, and the Museum of Science. And there are so many to choose from- I think tonight we're going to head over for Pick Up The Mic. Chalk was also hilarious, if you're in any kind of education field you will be very entertained.

Next weekend is the North Cambridge Arts Open Studios, which I've heard features some pretty amazing local artists. I'm looking for some funky new jewelry to wear for a wedding in August, this may be a good bet.

May 18= Best of Music Poll for FNX radio. Who wouldn't want to be at a Lansdowne Block Party with shows by The Subways, Blackalicious, Ok Go!, Nada Surf, The Academy Is...??? I am so there. And so many other good shows coming up... what to buy, what to buy? I could go broke on concert tickets- Cake at the Casino, Snow Patrol at Avalon, The Eels at the Somerville Theatre, Aqualung at the Somerville Theatre. I think I'm in trouble.

Some other stuff I am totally geared up for: Haunted Trolley Tour, the new Cardio Exotica class, the SomerCambridge pub crawl (soon to be organized), a Boston Gardens walk, wine tasting, BBQing, hiking, canoeing, getting my a$$ outside.

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Anyway, now that I am back at school this week I will have ample time to plot out my AprilMayJune schedule, all while dutifully fixing the library. Peace out.


Blogger the belligerent intellectual rocks hardcore!

I was actually in Gloucester over the weekend. Boy is there a lot less to do there . . .

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