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Thursday, April 20, 2006

She's baaaaaack...

The other day I had this amazing idea for a post and then somewhere between the pool and the Florida sun and the Mickey Mouse ears it deserted me. Nevertheless, I'm back in my hood, my delicate skin only slightly burned and freckled, my body temperature only slightly chilled in the sunny Boston air.

Anyway, my impromptu trip down to FL provided exactly the right amount of R & R, sunnage, and funnage that this girl has been craving since the onset of fall. I even managed to run into only one of the families from my school down in the land of Travel and Tourism- which seems pretty good, considering the odds (I think this week was basically a mass exodus from my school directly to Disney). So what, exactly, did I do on my mini-break? I did a fair amount of lazing about by the pool in my bathing suit, swimming, and napping. I also managed to catch a few fireworks shows (from afar), had a couple really good meals, snuck onto the concierge floor to snag some shiraz, did some meandering at Downtown Disney, the Boardwalk, and the Universal City Walk*, experienced Orlando's infamous ass trees in full bloom, navigated my way through the maze of bus and monorail terminals, scoped out some of the other, more impressive, resorts, got awoken every morning by character breakfasts downstairs with children chanting MICK-ey! MICK-ey!, and spent some quality time with the badass at brickwindow. Overall, a trip to remember.

But the best part of the whole trip? You may well wonder at the image from this post. No, that is not some crazy picture I made on my Lite Brite just for you. That is an actual part of the Electric Water Pageant, a Disney lagoon spectacular the likes of which have never before been witnessed. So special is this show, in fact, that I had never even heard mention of it until it appeared like a vision outside the hotel room window. Replete with midi soundtrack glory, that crazy dragon eventually turns to American flags to complete the scene, and then travels its way down the lagoon to the next resort. At first the theory was that Disney was pumping hallucinogens into the hotel room through the AC vents, but after further investigation it was discovered that the EWP was actually a time-honored tradition since the park's inception way back in the 70's (which might explain it's low brow quality, but not why they've kept it). May I suggest they change the resort's name to the Notso Contemporary?

So now I'm back, with three more glorious vacation days until I return for the home stretch of my first year in a school. I'll do my best to update the rest of this week if I feel up to it, but you know how packed these spring days can get. How can I stay indoors with my computer when the trees look so pretty and inviting outside of my window?

*I vow that my next trip to FL will include a trip to Islands of Adventure, that place looked crazy awesome.


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I love disney world, haven't been though in almost 10 years!

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