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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Library Find of the Day

Excuse me, but do you happen to have any books on youth gangs in contemporary urban America? Pretty much anything that shows students the true dangers of wearing leather jackets and tapered jeans while hanging out on a busted-ass IROC will work. Preferably something involving grafitti and at least one crazy 'stache. Oh, you do? Thank god. Kids these days just don't understand what it's like to open up a can of West Side Story on someone's ass.

I think I actually saw this gang in downtown Rochester last weekend. If I had known they were so famous (infamous?) I would have asked for their autographs. Maybe they would have signed it with a blood-stained splinter from their wooden stake, maybe they would have airbrushed it on my ratty white t-shirt. Menace2Society 4Eva!


Blogger MyUtopia rocks hardcore!

LOL, love the cover!

9:29 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

Seriously. What are they doing with a wooden stake- hunting vampires? Why didn't they just bust out the cross bow?

9:40 AM

Anonymous chris rocks hardcore!

More importantly, it appears you are not taking very good care of your books. That paperback appears to have been through a gang fight.

9:54 AM


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