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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Here's the thing...

Sometimes I want to write about my life in a way that isn't humorous or vague or anecdotal. I tend to hold certain things back because of my position in a school and although it might feel unfair at times, I would rather keep my job than keep my blog*. So even though this daily routine might not be exactly cathartic, it is at best amusing, at worst a quick read.

Yesterday I was feeling mentally worn down, like my thoughts and emotions had slowly been fading to black since we started back after break. I needed a recharge just as badly as my little nano, and no amount of caffeine was juice enough. But all the coffee and chai and ginseng tea and wheatgrass smoothies in the world wouldn't cure this ennui. Was that even what it was? Or was it simply a boring day? Or am I just boring? Maybe I just have too much time to contemplate whether I'm completely mad as a hatter or completely normal. This mindless repetition of binary barcodes frees up ample space in my head during the day for randomness.

In any case, I understand that many people read blogs for updates on daily life, for pictures of parties and friends, maybe in hopes of catching a glimpse of their name mentioned in a post. But my blog is destined (doomed?) to forever maintain a balance of library situational comedy with some of my personality thrown in. And that will have to be enough for me, no matter how many (or how few) people read it.

*So for all you badasses out there who feel as though I may be "censoring" my writing, I will tell you unequivocally: yes, I am.


Blogger Icarus rocks hardcore!

Wow...I think that sums up how i felt when i read your blog. I never would have guessed that the world of library science was so...for lack of a better word...interesting? Well, I thoroughly enjoyed this entry and all the ones preceeding it...thanks for the laughs. they were much needed.

1:59 PM

Anonymous chris rocks hardcore!

At least your readers aren't rioting against you for pulling comments. I have dreams that I wake up in the middle of the night and all the brickwindow readers are standing in my room holding torches, pitchforks, shovels and other various agricultural weapons.

2:45 PM


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