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Monday, March 13, 2006

All's Well That Ends Well

Well my blogettes, it is done. I have secured a place in the Upstate New York Visitor Hall of Fame. My picture is on the wall of dozens of Rochester establishments with my arms around the owner's shoulders and my name is commonplace on the menus of the local eateries. "The NPW": Complete coolness on toasted ciabatta bread. Can you handle it?

Ok, not so much.

For real though, NY was a good time. I even got a chance to up my "time spent in Canada" ticker by a few hours. Here are some highlights of the trip:
  • My first time at Dinosaur BBQ.
  • Getting a misty facial from Niagara Falls (Canada side, yo) and exploring the seediness of Ontario safely from the car.
  • Losing every Canadian quarter we had in their foolish Canadian slot machines.
  • Watching a random jazz club at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo (home of the original buffalo wings).
  • Going to the Rochester St. Patrick's Day parade and seeing just how drunk Rochester can get, when it wants to.
  • Eating lunch in the flagship Wegman's, where grocery dreams DO come true.
  • Enjoying the sun and the hippies at the public market.
  • Getting to spend time with amazing people.

Despite the bleak drive in a car with no cruise control (damn you, Civic!) I would definitely make that trek again. Thanks Rochester- I'll be seeing you!


Anonymous Pete rocks hardcore!

I forgot to tell you, thins is where you go when the bars are closed and you're starving:

You'll simultaneously thank me and punch my lights out all at once, I swear.

6:14 PM


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