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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Some Guy I Laughed At: A StrongBadLib

Please enjoy this MadLib I did with Strong Bad at I know I did.

The other day I was at school eating my books when out of nowhere came this crazy guy. I could tell he had serious water problems from the get-go. His nose was all slimy and stank like Scott Foley. A paper was hanging out of his pants. He fell down in a puddle of vodka. I laughed my toe off.

Comment #1: This entire scenario sounds like a dream I might have.
Comment #2: Considering how cute he is, I'd imagine that Scott Foley would actually smell quite nice.
Comment #3: If there were puddles of vodka at school I'd probably fall down in them too. On purpose, no less.


Blogger Krista rocks hardcore!

homestarrunner is the best.

I love Marzipan with her chinchilla protest. Good stuff.

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